The terms and conditions hereunder will have been agreed to by you (the Client) prior to booking and bind you (the Client) to the hire from us (ACD executive) of a driver and/or vehicle.

• Quotes are given based upon the information provided: changes to the Client’s itinerary should be notified timeously to allow for an updated quotation
• Quotes are valid for 28 days from date given and remain subject to availability
• Quotes do not include payment of tolls, ferry charges, unforeseen parking fees, accommodation or admission charges to attractions

• ACD executive will accept only one Client per day
• The Client must confirm the booking request by email to ACD executive
• ACD executive will confirm bookings to the Client by email
• ACD executive’s services remain flexible up to the point of delivery so as to meet the Client’s needs (additional costs may be accrued)

A deposit may be required at the time a booking is confirmed
• Changes to the agreed itinerary, which incur additional costs, will be charged separately
• Electronic bank transfer payments should be paid to the account detailed in correspondence
• Corporate accounts are accepted with settlement to be received within 30 days of the invoice date
• Account payments made out with this term will be subject to a 10% surcharge

• Cancellation within 48 hours of a confirmed journey will incur 100% of the agreed cost
• Cancellation between 2 and 7 days of a confirmed journey will incur 50% of the agreed cost
• Notification of a cancellation must be made by the Client by email to enquiries@acdexecutive.com

• ACD executive will make every effort to ensure punctuality, however it must be understood that we cannot accept responsibility for delays caused by circumstances out with our control
• We suggest that for airport departures the Client plans to arrive a minimum of 90 minutes prior to departure and for rail travel 30 minutes prior to departure
• ACD executive accept no responsibility for any missed flights or trains however caused
• ACD executive will adhere to all traffic and parking laws
• Any penalty charges incurred as a result of the direct instruction of the Client will be recoverable from the Client
• ACD executive maintains a strict no smoking/vaping policy
• Where damage is caused by the Client to our vehicle, repairs will be done by an organisation of our choice and the costs will be recoverable from the Client
• Drivers will travel the most appropriate route unless instructed otherwise by the Client
• All property of the Client/passengers are carried at their own risk
• Any property of a Client/passenger inadvertently left in the vehicle will be returned as soon as reasonably practicable but may incur additional costs
• ACD executive/their drivers reserve the right to refuse service to any person they consider presents a danger to other passengers, the driver or other road users. These circumstances may result in the matter being treated as a cancellation for charging purposes
• By supplying your email address and/or telephone number you authorise ACD executive to contact you by these means. We undertake not to share these details without your express permission.

• ACD executive have full comprehensive insurance with passenger liability cover.

• We trust this is unlikely however should it be necessary please do so, by email, as soon as possible to feedback@acdexecutive.com. This will allow us to address your concerns more quickly.
Should you be unclear as to any of the above please do not hesitate to contact us for clarification using the email address enquiries@acdexecutive.com
Nothing contained in these Terms & Conditions affects the Statutory Rights of the Client.