Hand sanitiser, a double-seal sickness bag and tissues remain available.
At the conclusion of each day the following cleaning processes will be conducted on each vehicle.

• All litter; tissues, water bottles, gloves, facemasks will be removed double-bagged and disposed of

• Seat belts are pulled out fully and locked in place

• Where possible all doors and windows will be left open to allow fresh air and ultra violet light to penetrate all surfaces

• All surfaces; seats, seatbelts, door handles hard and soft surfaces are sprayed with a commercial antibacterial spray and wiped down

• Seating and carpets are vacuumed

• Finishing products are applied to restore sheen

• Depending upon time constraints vehicle doors & windows again left open to allow fresh air and ultraviolet light penetrate

In relation to individuals classified as Category C in the Oil & Gas UK bandings there may be additional costs as the vehicle will require a ‘deep clean.